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Welcome to sailormoon_lims, a Sailor Moon last icon maker standing competition! This community was originally created by cassi, but now run by stam_fan17. You'll take part in a series of challenges. At the end of each challenge at least one person will be voted out until there is only one icon maker standing. This community is open to everyone, provided that you can take being eliminated and having your icons critiqued. Icon makers of all levels are welcome. Please look around and I hope to see you participate in the upcoming challenge! Any questions can be directed to stam_fan17(at)livejournal.com.

Special thanks to disney_hush (LIMS is disney_hush's original idea).

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Sign up HERE.

You must join the community. You have to know what's going on.

After the entries are in for each round then it's time to vote. You are to vote for your LEAST favorite icon (s). This is not meant to be a personal opinion of the icons but which you feel is the lesser quality icon. Those with the most votes (number will vary from round to round) will be eliminated from the competition. You do have to provide a short explanation for why you voted for the icons you do. The comments will be given to the icon makers if requested (but your names will be removed!)

Textures, stock images, brushes, etc. will be allowed, unless noted by the mod.

You will be given a skip if you sign up, a second one will be given if you promote the community.

Entries are to be anonymous and should not be posted anywhere until round is completely over and the votes tallied. Any violation of this rule will result in elimination.

The winner will receive a nice banner to show off.

Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at stam_fan17(at)livejournal.com if you have anything to say.

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