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I've only received one entry for this challenge. If people are still interested in participating but have not had time to make an icon please comment here. If I don't receive enough comments, this round will have to be canceled.

Challenge 13: Preliminary

Alright! Let's get this battle started!

Welcome to Challenge 13 of sailormoon_lims! This round will be done battle style as inspired by bssm_battle.

There are no official sign-ups for this challenge. Once you submit an icon, you are considered to be part of this challenge.

Our preliminary round to determine match-ups will be: Secret Identities. Your icons must include two identities of a character, i.e.: Sailor Moon and Usagi.

  • Icons must adhere to lj standards- no larger than 100x100 and under 40kb.
  • Icons must be manga and cannot be animated.
  • Icons must fit the theme of this week Secret Identities

  • Once you are ready to submit, pick your top three identities. Options can be found here, here, and here.
  • Submit your icons with img src, url, and your three choices of identity. Such as:
    Sailor Moon
    Sailor Jupitor

  • Please do not claim an identity until you submit an icon! Identities will be distributed based upon who submitted icons first.
  • Icons are due Friday March 18th.

    Good luck and happy iconning! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! All comments will be screened.
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    Hi everyone! I've got all the rounds figured out for this upcoming battle, so I thought I'd give you all a heads up that this Sunday March 14th I will be posting the preliminary round for the battle style challenge. If everyone could be so kind as to start pimping this out, I will be much obliged.

    There will be prizes for the winners! I hope I can go out of here with a bang as a moderator :3

    Without further ado:

    Coming soon to sailormoon_lims

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    Another update!

    It looks like we'll wrap up the last challenge. In the next few weeks, I'll try to get things organized and set up to do a battle royale type challenge. This will be the last round the stam_fan17 and I will be mods.

    We'd like to solicit volunteers to take over the community. Our lives have gotten too hectic to keep up with it and I think it's the most fair to give it to people who are able to give it the love it needs.

    Let me know here if you are interested in participating! I'll try to set things up from there.
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    Hey everyone! Sorry about all the delays, real life has been attacking stam_fan17 and I. Since this last round has been carried out for so long, I think the best thing to do is to close it up and start preparing for the next one. Since bssm_battle has been quiet for a while, I was thinking of maybe doing one of those. If people are interested, comment here. :D

    FINALLY, results!

    Voting is now FINALLY closed. The votes have been tallied and here are the results!

    Sorry for the delay. If you are still in the competition and want to continue this challenge, please comment at the end of this post.

    A mod position is still available in this community, contact me if interested!

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    If you would like to know the comments your icon has received, leave a comment below with the number corresponding to your icon. I will give them to you via a screened comment. All icon comments will remain anonymous. Also, please make sure that you would be able to handle the criticism before you ask for the comments.


    Hello dear icon makers and icon lovers,

    It's a new year and this community deserves a fresh start just as much as we do.
    I will be looking for a new mod to replace me, unless mellie wants to give it another go.
    Please leave your information here in this post and I will gladly answer all your questions and discuss about the available position.

    I will still be overlooking the community to make sure everything is still a-okay here. I can always help out and co-mod if necessary.
    As for challenge 12, it will be up to the new mod to decide to continue it or to start fresh.

    Thank you everyone and remember to comment on this post if interested!

    It was great mod-ing you all, MUCH LOVE
    William @ stam_fan17